Top 10 white kitchens in 2021. Why don't white go out of style?

The white color in the interior design of the house began to gain popularity in Europe and America in the '20s and 30s. White walls and furniture symbolized aristocratic lifestyle, sophistication, and elegance back then.

Nowadays, everything is very trendy. The white color remains a universal and classic color. It looks more luxurious and emphasizes all the grandeur and nobility of the house.

How to bring the classic into your home?

Choose a white kitchen. White is an aristocratic color, elegant and sophisticated, which can transform your kitchen and make it a truly comfortable place where the whole family will relax and recharge.




Why white?

From a psychological point of view, White represents purity, innocence, peace, and tranquility. People who prefer white are friendly, sincere, understanding, and intelligent. White gives the feeling of cleanliness and coolness. According to a different interpretation, it can personify emptiness because this color absorbs and neutralizes other shades. The white color calms down, but if you stay in a white room for longer, you may experience a "hunger for color."

Perhaps the most versatile color - white in the kitchen design, looks noble and elegant. Such an interior will never become obsolete and will not go out of style.

A white kitchen is associated with cleanliness, so even the housework in this room will not seem like a routine task.

White gives you culinary inspiration, has a beneficial effect on appetite, and calms the nerves. A suitable place for treatment, right?



The advantages of a white kitchen

White kitchens have a number of advantages that make them more interesting and appealing:

1. White makes the space visually larger. It gives the interior a light touch of ventilation. White perfectly reflects both the sun and artificial light.

White cabinets offer a distinct glow that illuminates every corner of your space.

Considering this aspect, regardless of the size of your kitchen interior, the white color creates the illusion of depth, which makes the kitchen look bigger than it is. This solution is suitable for both spacious kitchens and smaller spaces.



2. This color is considered a classic that never goes out of style.

If we remember the trends in kitchen colors in the past: bright yellow, olive green, mint, coral, bright red, burgundy, etc., we realize that they are no longer current. But every year, Pantone announces the current colors in that year. In 2021 there are current colors such as imitations of wood, khaki, and sepia. However, white has found its place among the current colors every year, so it does not go out of style easily and remains relevant regardless of the time.



3. White kitchens are a compromise between classic and modern style trends.

If you are in doubt and do not know which style you like best: classic or modern, then choose the color white in the kitchen, which integrates very well in both styles and will be current for at least 15 years...

4. It matches anything!

Wood, black, gray. Whichever color you choose, it goes perfectly with classic white. However, we recommend that you take into account the advice of the expert kitchen designer, who will help you create a successful combination that will not tire your eyes. Thus, you will receive a custom kitchen customized according to your preferences and, as a bonus, a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere!



5. White, like the other colors in the color spectrum, has several shades.

If you want a white kitchen, but you feel disturbed by the usual white, don't panic. We have the right solution for you.

White has a lot of shades, which can easily replace regular white. Ivory, magnolia, cotton, milk, zinc white, moon white... Unlike pure white, they are completely devoid of severity and sterility, which allows you to bring home the comfort you want.



6. Is the white furniture turning yellow?

The answer is NO if your kitchen manufacturer uses high-quality materials! We recommend that you inquire which raw material manufacturers the company you work for for a custom kitchen works with.



How do I take care of the white kitchen?

Like any other kitchen, white furniture needs care. This step will not turn into your greatest pain if you follow a few simple rules:



1. Any dirt, even the smallest, should not be left on the kitchen surface.

We recommend that even the smallest drop of sauce that reaches your table or accidentally splashes the fronts of your kitchen be wiped off instantly, don't wait until the product dries and turns into a stain that will later be heavier to clean.

2. If you still have a stain that you didn't wipe off on time, don't panic.

We recommend that you avoid using knives or other sharp objects to remove stains, especially on glossy surfaces, but use special stain removers.

3. Be careful what chemicals you use to clean your kitchen furniture.

Products that contain acetone, ethyl, gasoline, or thinners may be too abrasive for the kitchen.

4. Choose a high-intensity kitchen hood.

Yes, yes, and this plays an important role in your kitchen. There must be a hood in the kitchen that will be able to absorb fumes and fat particles from the air, preventing them from sitting on the surface of the furniture.

5. Use soft, special cloths to prevent damage to the furniture.

6. Thoroughly clean the furniture at least once a month.

7. Wipe off dust at least twice a week.

8. Apply furniture wax to keep it shiny.

9. Another solution would be to mix a glass of warm water with a glass of vinegar. Soak a cloth in this mixture and wipe the furniture.

10. If you want to get rid of the white stains left by the glasses, mix the vinegar with olive oil - and the stains disappear instantly.

By the way, after purchasing a kitchen at Bismobil Kitchen, you will also receive a "User Guide" for your kitchen, which will show you the most efficient methods of care.

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