You receive 3 price offers

A custom kitchen represents a personalized creation entirely adapted according to your preferences and needs.

One of the benefits of this type of product is that you choose and create your concept for your future kitchen and shape the price depending on what interior equipment you choose.


Following the measurements made by the Bismobil Kitchen expert kitchen designer, you receive a 2D technical sketch, a realistic 3D visualization, and a reasoned price offer.




Now we take your space measurements and create not one, but 3 price offers: Economy, Standard, and Premium, and you have the opportunity to choose the one that is best for you!

Know that the kitchen remains just as beautiful and high quality, and you choose the price according to the desired level of comfort, i.e., the interior equipment - mechanisms and organizers.


What does the Econom offer mean?

You may not have extra finances when ordering your kitchen - then you can easily benefit from the Econom Offer.

You will benefit from the same "Wow" project design and the quality and guarantee of the Bismobil Kitchen brand!

Moreover, you will have an ergonomic kitchen designed to cook with pleasure.

You can have fronts from the Austrian egger chipboard in the economic offer if we talk about fronts. The worktop will be a 38 mm Egger heat-resistant one.

The opening mechanisms will be German Hettich hinges, and the drawers will have chipboard sides. You also have the cutlery organizer Orgatrey in this offer.

The price for a kitchen in the Econom range starts at 6,000 euros.



What does the Standard offer include?


Most BK kitchens are in the standard price range, starting at 8,000 euros.

This price offer includes more details related to the comfort of operation. If we are talking about fronts, we usually use plasticized MDF fronts of the AGT brand or Italian chipboard fronts.


Here we can also talk about better Hettich Attira drawers, hinges with a larger opening angle - Sensys, from Hettich, a trash can - placed in the drawer, LED lighting, and an aluminium base.




What does the Premium Offer include?

The kitchens in the Premium price start from 11 000 euros.

Here we are talking about more premium materials for the fronts - painted MDF and Glass.


Premium kitchen worktop is a thin, plasticized one called Compact, which has increased durability to steam, high temperatures, humidity, and scratches.

The hinges used in the Premium offer have a maximum opening angle. The drawers are also from the Premium range, with metal or glass sides (Hettich Arcitech or Avantech You).

And the biggest difference compared to the Economy and Standard price offers, the Premium offer is related to the kitchen equipment with modern organizers, which facilitates our daily experience in the kitchen - here we are talking about Tandem, Dispensa, Cooking, Cleaning Agent, Le Mans, etc.



Consultation with the designer in the showroom


However, to see what each option represents in a more detailed way, we recommend that you go to one of our showrooms, where you will receive the necessary details based on your kitchen project.


Why is this stage so important?


One of our designers offers you an absolutely free and personalized consultation in the showroom. Throughout the stage, the designer shows you and helps you test every material, organizer, and mechanism to know what your kitchen is made of and, last but not least, to know what you are investing in for at least 15 years ahead.



The designer also plans the measurements of your kitchen at your home and then creates the 2D technical sketch, a 3D kitchen project, and the 3 price offers - all correct and reasoned.

When you are invited to the showroom presentation, you will understand what your kitchens look like depending on the price offered.



Don't worry! As mentioned before, your kitchen will NOT lose quality and design, but you will choose the price that suits you.


Invest in positive and enjoyable experiences. Choose what's best for you and your family!


We are waiting for you in our showrooms to receive 3 price offers for your personalized kitchen.


Request free measurements now!

An expert designer takes your space measurements and creates a unique 3D project for you!

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