Top 5 Kitchen Trends (2021)

  • Elegant showcases


The display case cabinet is an essential piece of furniture. It has stood the test of time, and continues to be found in many homes, including kitchens.

Choose a glass display case, and gain two advantages: functionality and decor.

First of all, the display case guarantees you extra storage space. You know what it's like to stack pans and pots in the closet. Showcase you get rid of this torment!

Secondly, the showcase helps you express your personality. It says a lot about your lifestyle, and your gastronomic preferences. In the shop window you can display your porcelain cups, vintage tableware, or wine bottles. The possibilities are endless!

  • Light contrast

Kitchen lighting is very necessary! Both practically and decoratively.

You definitely want a well-lit work area. Otherwise, you could end up with severe scratches! Install lighting fixtures in the kitchen to order, for positive experiences in cooking! You have a variety of options: bright spotlights, hanging lamps, atmospheric lights ... The choice is yours!

In addition, the lighting in the kitchen creates a true contrast of lights. Cooking means more than cooking! Enjoy your time with your loved ones, and feel comfortable!

By the way! We recommend that you install LED strips in the shop window as well, in order to highlight the exposed parts!

  • Compact and laminated countertop

The compact and laminate worktop is great for your kitchen. Suitable both for the kitchen worktop and for the sink or table.

At only 12 mm thick, it is robust and durable.

If you want increased resistance to high temperatures, easy and trouble-free cleaning, the compact worktop is the right choice. Moreover, you will get rid of stains and scratches. Nothing scares him, not even the chemical cleaning agents!

And last but not least, it has a modern and stylish design with a stone texture. You will surely like it!

Find out HERE more about the laminate and compact worktop!


  • Spacious islands


The kitchen island is distinguished by both functionality and refinement.

Popularized in the 1930s, with the introduction of the concept of open space by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the island has a useful role to play. With a central location, it offers accessibility and storage space. Moreover, it can be used as a work area, the place where you cut vegetables and marinate meat.

In addition to functionality, it has an attractive and luxurious design. If you want a stylish kitchen to order, know that you need a spacious island! Convenient both for cooking and for meetings with friends, the island is exactly the upgrade you need!


  • Durable materials

A custom kitchen is a serious investment. When you invest, you want the product to last many years ahead! We recommend that you choose durable materials that will withstand daily use!

Supramat AGT comes to your aid! Along with it, the fronts last over time, and the style persists! Choose your favorite finish: marble, stone, matte and glossy. And most importantly: get rid of scratches for good!


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Top 5 Kitchen Trends (2022)

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