8 verification steps for a custom kitchen


A simple day in our life is made up of a multitude of actions. Each of them is thoroughly checked: either we're talking about how we get ready in the morning before we leave the house or checking our phone for any important messages.


We do all this daily, and it has become a habit without realizing it.


Usually, this control assures us that everything we do is right and that our actions are qualitative. Even the same soup you make goes through a few stages of checking until you make sure it comes out tasty.



Imagine the process:

- you carefully check the vegetables you are going to prepare;

- then watch carefully and adjust the intensity of the fire for which the soup is being prepared;

And one last step before putting the soup on the plates is to taste it: make sure you have added enough spices so that it is exactly to your taste.


If something went wrong, checking at the right time helps you to improve the quality of the final product, in this case, the soup - to be tasty, spicy, just the way you love it.



You should know that the same verification steps apply to a kitchen. Although we have created over 3000 kitchens in just the last 3 years, at Bismobil Kitchen, each new product goes through 8 levels of verification and does not move to the next stage if it does not meet the established standard.


For us, the check is more than a standard, it is a pleasure of doing a quality job that, in the end, YOU will enjoy, and the guarantee of the quality of the BK kitchen will bring you even greater satisfaction.



We present you the 8 verification steps that our kitchens go through:


1. 2D and 3D project verification

Custom kitchen experts check each project. Together with the Art Director, the design department thoroughly checks each project before it reaches the client. We offer ergonomic solutions and functional kitchens so that your personalized kitchen delivers maximum pleasure.


2. Checking the measurements by a technologist before putting the kitchen into production

For maximum accuracy, we adhere to the proverb “Measure 7 times and cut once”, so before the kitchen is put into production, the Bismobil Kitchen technologist comes to your home to take repeated measurements and ensure the kitchen you want will fit perfectly in your space.



3. Raw material verification

We work with some of the best raw material suppliers on the market. We produce our kitchens from sustainable and quality materials. The raw material is thoroughly checked by experts once it has reached the production workshops. However, if a defect is detected, we return the raw material so that it does not reach our customers' homes.



4. Checking the module assembly

An extremely important step. Here your kitchen begins to take shape, and when this stage is not qualitatively fulfilled, the final product will no longer look exactly like the 3D project. That is why we emphasize the daily training of specialists so that your custom kitchen can be assembled correctly.



5. Checking the modules after delivery, before mounting

No module leaves the Bismobil Kitchen production workshop until a technologist verifies it. We carefully check the design to see if all indications and dimensions are followed. A custom kitchen is a complex product that requires attention to detail.



6. Checking the quality of the kitchen installation on the 2-3rd day

Behind a quality installation, there are specialists who strive for Bismobil Kitchen installers to be well trained and their skills constantly improved. However, this does not stop us from monitoring the quality of the kitchen installation. Within a maximum of 3 assembly days, the head of the assembly team carefully checks the quality of the kitchen assembly and whether everything goes according to the established plan.



7. Checking the installed kitchen by a production quality checker

Within a maximum of 30 days after installing the kitchen, the verifier comes to your home to check that it is properly installed and does not require adjustments. We also offer a guide with tips for caring for your kitchen.


8. The final verification is performed by a quality verifier of Bismobil Kitchen in the client's presence, before handing over the furniture

The kitchen is not handed over to the customer until a quality verifier checks it. Once the kitchen has passed this last stage, you can enjoy the experience of cooking at home!


The pleasure of cooking at home - it's not just our slogan, it's what Bismobil Kitchen is all about. Verification is a complex step but very important in making a quality and correct product. We provide you with more than just a personalized kitchen; we provide you with a positive experience every day in the warmest place of the house.


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