6 Myths about kitchens you believe in too

Let's break down some kitchen myths!


Over time, many kitchen myths have been created, which have taken root in our consciousness, and it is hard for us to believe otherwise. We set out to shatter some of them and change your views on some things.


1. Open space kitchen = unpleasant odours and steam the whole house


Strong odours and steam are no longer a problem if you choose the right hood for your kitchen. For a visible delimitation of the living room kitchen, choose a kitchen island, and the problem is solved.



2. NO - the microwave above the dishwasher


There is no law or difficulty in such a location as the tall unit. Only other walls are needed to delimit the two appliances. We often recommend such organization in the kitchen to Bismobil Kitchen customers to keep both their ergonomics and their design line.



3. Light-colored kitchens are not practical

It is the white kitchens that are the easiest to take care of; of course, it also depends on the material used, but anyway, the light-coloured kitchens are, in our opinion, the most practical.


4. The refrigerator is heating from the oven

Refrigerator will not heat up. And the ordinary one, too. Verified!
If you want to be convinced, we are waiting for you to consult with one of our expert designers in custom kitchens in one of our showrooms, where you will receive answers to all the questions you have.



5. The microwave oven should be located at a lower level

That's not true. We certainly support the idea that a microwave oven located a little higher, at the worktop, is a wonderful solution and not a problem for soup plates or children.



6. White is too traditional, it looks outdated


Full of style and at the same time discreet, white kitchens are among the most popular kitchens in existence. They never go out of style, unlike the models made in trendy shades and colours that probably will not be relevant in a year or two from the time of purchase.

The Advantages of white kitchen:

  • visually enlarges the space;
  • aesthetically pleasing;
  • reflects light;
  • easy to clean.



We are waiting for you in our showroom to receive answers to all your questions. Benefit from a free consultation with a Bismobil Kitchen designer!


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