5 reasons why you need an island in the kitchen

In every kitchen, there is a real potential for storage and organization. Even if the kitchen is smaller, you need to hide the pans, crockery, and pots.

Are you thinking about how you can make the most of your cooking space?

Opt for a kitchen island!


The island has many practical, functional, and decorative benefits. With various styles and options, the kitchen island turns your entire room into a much more stylish and organized one.

The island kitchen comes from the restaurant business, where it was important to ensure the work of several chefs at the same time, with the possibility of working on both sides.

Find out 5 reasons why you need a kitchen island!

1. More storage space

Is your closet too crowded? Don't have room for boxes, pans, and pots?

The kitchen island is your lifeline, it gives you more storage space, and at the same time, everything will be at your fingertips.

We recommend that you opt for an island with drawers included to store all your cooking utensils and accessories.



2. Working space

If you like to cook every day, the kitchen island is the perfect place to do it and feel at the same time as in Hollywood movies.

How about getting rid of an overcrowded worktop forever? To make the cooking space bigger and freer, where can you move in your will?

The island offers you extra work space, perfect for large families, who cook together, as well as for those who prepare many casseroles with food.. 



Suppose the location of one of the three functional areas on the island (cooking, washing, storage, i.e., stove, sink, or refrigerator) is planned. In that case, it must be positioned in such a way as to form a so-called working triangle, usually around the center of a linear kitchen. With this arrangement, the kitchen will be very easy to use.

If you choose to put a stove on the kitchen island, do not forget about ventilation; choose a hood built into the worktop, which will fit perfectly with your custom kitchen. If you place a sink, then take care of the water supply and sewerage.



It is important to consider one more thing when you plan to use a sink or stove set: all electrical and communication work must be done before installing the kitchen island, and we remind you that our designers can help you with these plans when after taking the measurements, it creates a technical plan with all the necessary communications.


3. Dining area

With a kitchen island, you get extra dining space.

Here, you can have dinner with your family or coffee with your friends. Larger islands have enough space for 6 people, but even a smaller one gives you space for at least 2 people.

But that doesn't stop you from putting a table in the kitchen. If space allows, it can be placed right next to the island. Then you can separate their functions. Because the island has a semi-bar height, it can be used to serve a snack or breakfast when you have parties. In comparison, the dining room is perfect for family lunches and dinners with beautiful and elegant service.



Several factors will determine the size and shape of the table you choose.

Take into account the size of the room. The table should not be too large not to take up all the space. A round or a square table is more a matter of stylistic solution of the whole interior and the individual preferences of the owners.

The height of the island is about 90 cm, which corresponds to the height of the kitchen worktop. It is also necessary to ensure a distance from the kitchen itself of at least 90 cm.

In addition, it is an ideal solution if you have small children. Here, the little ones can do their homework while you cook delicious food.


4. Separating the kitchen from the living room

If you have an open-space kitchen, i.e., a kitchen combined with the living room, you need an island!

It harmoniously separates the cooking area from the seating area. Thus, a gradual and stylish transition is made from the kitchen to the living room.

In addition to being an element of separation between areas, the host can cook and communicate with guests simultaneously or watch your favorite series.



The island in the middle of a large kitchen looks chic and monumental, but the design of the island can be done in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Therefore, even if your kitchen is not spacious, you can choose narrow and small models.

The island's shape is often square or rectangular but can be oval, semicircular, round, or even zigzag.

You can see how well the island combines both modern and classic design so that anyone can choose it.

Often the island and the kitchen itself are made in the same style, in the same colors, and from the same materials, but rest assured that in this regard, our designers will help you and create the most beautiful and appropriate design for you and your home.



5. Modern and versatile design

In addition to the functionality factors, the kitchen island adds a dose of elegance and refinement. It becomes the basic area of the whole kitchen, where your loved ones gather, where you cook the most delicious dishes, where you share the most beautiful feelings, where the most sincere smiles are sketched, and where you quietly enjoy the most fragrant wines.



More and more people are opting for an island in the kitchen for a touch of chic that emphasizes the design of the entire kitchen.

Before, you only saw such models in your favorite movies, but now you can teleport your dream kitchen to your home with the help of the designers from Bismobil Kitchen.

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