15 reasons to visit us in the showroom

Have you been thinking about changing your kitchen for a long time?

Have you started to find out about the style and design that suits you?

Did you also choose a company for your future kitchen?

You've come to the right place!

In today's article, we tell you why visit us in the showroom! Specifically, we have prepared 15 reasons why it is worth visiting us today!

1. We greet you with a warm smile!

For us, your comfort is paramount. We want you to feel at home when you visit us for the first time. The consultant will greet you with a warm smile and will present you the kitchens in the showroom. Feel free to ask any questions! We are happy to help you and communicate with you.

2. Admire the elegant shop windows, the massive islands and the wardrobes designed down to the smallest detail.

Upon entering the showroom, you will notice a diversity of design styles. From modern, to neoclassical, rustic and industrial, you will be inspired by elegant shop windows, massive islands and designed cabinets down to the smallest detail.

3. Touch the elegant surfaces of matt, glossy and wood-framed fronts

The refinement and elegance of the kitchen furniture will conquer you! It will be hard for you to resist the temptation to touch matte, glossy, wood or marble textured surfaces.

4. Test the high-tech opening and closing mechanisms

In addition to beauty and attractive appearance, the kitchen must be functional. In the Bismobil Kitchen showroom, you are free to test the kitchens as if you were at home! We encourage you to try the high-tech opening and closing mechanisms, to feel on their own skin their usefulness and durability. The details make the difference.

5. You receive a FREE consultation with the designer

Bismobil Kitchen designers have extensive training and experience in making custom kitchens. All kitchens are personalized, adapted to your tastes and needs. Therefore, it is really essential to talk face to face. This way, you will be sure that your future kitchen will correspond to your preferences and lifestyle.

6. We present you solutions for arranging and organizing the cooking space

Whether you have a small or large kitchen, we are ready to offer you suggestions and solutions. Together, we will choose a kitchen concept that inspires you and we will present you practical methods of organization.

7. You get clarity and understanding

After talking to the designer, see what a quality kitchen looks like and contains.

8. Choose from a wide range of organizers, created for everyday comfort

Comfort matters. Especially if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. You have the freedom to choose from a wide range of organizers, from top brands: Hettich, Kessebohmer and Bloom.

9. Select from over 40 countertop models

We work with manufacturers who make durable and solid countertops. Among them is the Austrian brand Egger, known for quality and innovative solutions.

10. See all the top shades in one place

Beige, gray or maybe black? See all the top shades in one place!
Indeed, in the Bismobil Kitchen showroom, you have a great diversity of colors and shades for kitchen furniture. You will definitely find the color you are looking for.

11. We create a complex project and an attractive price offer

The designer takes into account your preferences, and creates a unique kitchen design for you. Moreover, you can shape the price of the kitchen like a Lego! Working with a designer, you create a price that benefits you.

12. You enjoy a fragrant and tasty coffee

At Bismobil Kitchen, spend time in a pleasant environment, and enjoy a fragrant and tasty coffee.

13. ... And your children will have fun safely!

During the discussion with the designer, your children will not get bored! The showroom is equipped with toy kitchens, perfect for little cooks!

14. Get a guide to modern kitchens

After consulting in the showroom, we offer you a gift guide for modern kitchens!

15. Let's take a selfie together!

who we met and started collaborating. Don't forget to recommend us to your friends, so that they too can discover the pleasure of cooking at home.

Now you know what kitchen you want!

When you leave the showroom, you know for sure what kitchen you want! After consulting with the designer, you get total clarity about the look of your kitchen! Congratulations!

We are already waiting for you!

Come and see with your own eyes what a quality kitchen looks like, the Bismobil Kitchen brand!


Request free measurements now!

An expert designer takes your space measurements and creates a unique 3D project for you!

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